Ultimate protection straight from the factory

Self-protection is a natural instinct. And nature has developed many strategies to ensure this. Some living creatures have a shell, many fly away when in danger while others become invisible when faced with an enemy. Security cars from Audi combine particularly effective protective mechanisms. You are in an especially safe place when you’re in an Audi Security car. Wherever you are.

Discreetly safe

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    Discreetly safe

    The first protective measure - with the combination of first-class design, progressive technology and stylish comfort, Audi Security cars hardly look any different from the standard models.

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    The tradition

    The Audi tradition of developing luxury armoured saloon cars began in 1928, when weapons testing was carried out on a Horch 8 Typ 375.

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    Occupant cell

    The best security is the one you do not see. The completely armour-plated occupant cell is hardly noticeable to the eye. High-strength steel, reinforced glass and aramide fabric are the materials used for armouring the cars.

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    Armoured cars direct from the factory

    The Audi Security cars are produced in an elaborate process – directly in the factory.

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    Driving dynamics

    Along with the armouring itself, the dynamic driving characteristics of the cars are also a crucial factor: the security vehicles are fitted with quattro permanent four-wheel drive.

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    Audi Security vehicles not only offer ballistic protection, they are also officially certified by a German firearms testing centre.

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